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Gelstat Migraine has two Ingredients Just for Migraines

Gelstat migraine is a homeopathic treatment for the relief of migraines.
Gelstat contains two ingredients, and both are used for migraine relief with good success for many. Feverfew, and ginger are the main ingredients in gelstat migraine. Both have been used for hundreds of years before conventional medicines were born for headache relief.

Ginger has been used in Asian cultures to prevent migraines for many years. Add both feverfew, and ginger together, and you have a migraine treatment.

Gestalt is a unique over the counter medicine for migraines unlike excedrin migraine, and advil migraine.

Although you can buy ginger supplements such as ginger capsules, and the same for feverfew, adding both for the gelstat migraine ingredients, is much more effective.

Gelstat Migraines reviews

Two clinical trials have been conducted on GelStat Migraine, both yielding excellent results.

The first was an open label study that was performed by Roger K. Cady, M.D. and Curtis P. Schreiber, M.D., both of ClinVest, the research division of the Headache Care Center in Springfield, Missouri.
The second was a double blind study performed by Dr. Sheena K. Aurora. Dr. Aurora is a co-director of the Swedish Headache Center in Seattle, a specialty headache clinic that treats more than 3,000 patients each year. She is also board-certified in neurology and electrodiagnostic medicine as well as has additional qualifications in clinical neurophysiology.

What the Gelstat Migraine review found!!!! During mild pain forty eight percent, that's cutting close to one half, of the participants were without pain two hours after their treatment.

Eighty three percent were without pain or had just mild pain two hours after treatment.

And their migraine symptoms were gone two hours after their treatment in over half of the migraine participants.

Forty one percent thought that gelstat migraine was equal to their pre study medicine or preferred gelstat.

Four migraine sufferers reported gelstat migraine side effects. Three disliked the taste. And only one had burning under the tongue.

As you know all to well, nothing works all of the time for a migraine sufferer. But with results like those above, that's not bad. Ok, so why is it different from advil migraine? Advil migraine is a pain reliever. It, like many more pain pills, especially over the counter just offer pain relief. That's why they are called pain pills. Gelstat migraine is an abortive.

But strangely all abortions can give rebound headaches if used to much, and this happens to many migraine sufferers. It starts slowly without one noticing, and then you may have a daily headache, thanks to the very drug that was helping.

( We had a woman to e-mail, and said her head hurt all of the time, and she was taking one Imitrex a day for migraine!!!!!)

But jump for joy on Gelstat Migrane.

Although it's used as an abortive, it won't cause rebound headaches. It's two herbs put together. And feverfew, or butterbur won't give you a headache.

How to take gelstat migraine. While just about everything is swallowed, gelstat is a sublingual delivery system, meaning you put it on your tongue, and it dissolves quickly. As you know, this is a fast way to absorb medicine, goes in to your blood stream quicker, and doesn't upset your stomach.

What you get from this is,

* Fast for quick relief

* No reported side effects

* One imitrex may cost fifteen to twenty dollars depending where you buy them, and we've bought many, whereas gelstat migraine only cost a couple of bucks. Stock up on a few to have handy.

* Available over the counter, without you having to get a prescription

*And it's a pre measured dose, the dispensers are convenient, safe, and effective.

GelStat Migrane has been shown to be an effective treatment for those with moderate to severe migraine. We think this product is worth checking out. It's only a couple of bucks, also used to abort a migraine, without side effects. You have nothing to lose but your migraine.

Our last page is about an abortive, that also dissolves under your tongue, works quickly, but comes with a possibility of side effects. It comes from the triptan family, and is called maxalt migraine. Our next page is about migraine pain relief.

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